About the podcast

Any Ladle’s Sweet is a monthly film podcast discussing early and golden era Hollywood stories and themes, focusing mostly on the women who designed/acted/directed/wrote during this era.

We also feature the good guys in a regular segment called He’s A Keeper, esteemed honoraries have included, Melvyn Douglas (Episode 3), Robert Mitchum (Episode 6), William Powell (Episode 1), George Sanders (Episode 7) and the wonderful Joseph Cotten (Episode 2).

Your hosts are Megan McGurk and Danielle Smith.

This series is now finished, for more sass mouth dames, check out Megan’s new podcast – Sass Mouth Dames.

Our Episodes
  1. All About Thelma
  2. Gold Band Advisory Warning
  3. You Don’t Own Me – Women’s Sexuality in the Pre-Code Era
  4. Any Ladle’s Sweet That Dishes Out Some Gravy! The Women
  5. Independent Vision: The Films of Dorothy Arzner
  6. Crime Queens: Outlaw Women in Film 1930-1950
  7. ‘Squirrels to the Nuts’ Women and Non-Conformity in the Films of Ernst Lubitsch
  8. What Do Women Want? Female Desire in Film 1918-1954
  9.  Fizz on the Soda: Ginger Rogers and Joan Blondell
  10.  Dress Tells the Woman’s Story: Designing Woman’s Pictures 1929-1958
  11.  The Melodramas Part 1: John M. Stahl – From Back Street to Heaven
  12.  The Melodramas Part 2: Douglas Sirk – Heaven is Stingy
  13. Sisters Under the Skin: Joan Crawford ‘As Wobbly as the Statue of Liberty’
  14. Sisters Under the Skin: All About Bette
  15. Barbara Stanwyck: Ball of Fire
  16. Joan Bennett: Hollywood’s Shimmering Vagabond
  17.  Carole Lombard: Hoyden, Screwball, Mogul in the Making
  18. Mary Astor: Bitch’s Cauldron
  19. Irene Dunne – ‘She longed to be called baby’
  20. Louise Brooks – Naked on Her Goat
  21. Gloria Grahame – Sister under the Mink
  22. Rosalind Russell: Dollface Hick
  23. Linda Darnell ‘What I Got Don’t Need Beads’
  24. Anita Loos – Queen of Wit and Sass Supreme