Sass Mouth Dames Film Club

sass mouth dames film club

Hollywood used to believe that for a picture to be successful, it had to appeal to women.

Join us as we screen five films every Thursday, that put women front and centre from October 12th to November 9th in Dublin’s Denzille Private Cinema.

Soft drinks, tea & coffee, snacks included.

Please be seated by 19.10 for the screenings.


Sadie McKee (1934) Starring Joan Crawford, Jean Dixon & Franchot Tone (12 Oct)

Blondie Johnson (1933) Starring Joan Blondell & Chester Morris (19 Oct) [with bonus short Babes in the Goods]

Virtue (1932) Starring Carole Lombard, Pat O’Brien and Mayo Methot (26 Oct) [with bonus short Beauty and the Bus]

Hold Your Man (1933) Starring Jean Harlow & Clark Gable (2 Nov)

Baby Face (1933) Starring Barbara Stanwyck, Theresa Harris & George Brent (9 Nov) [with bonus short Top Flat]

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We’re non-profit, just spreading the woman’s picture gospel.